About us

Sex toys are objects that exist since the beginning of time. In 2015, a group of archaeologists found some of these objects over 28,000 years old during excavations in Europe. Therefore, it is quite logical that it is an object that evolves throughout time. Originally a stone object, then a wooden object, then rubber or plastic, and finally made with high-end silicone ... Never has a sex toy resembled a person so well... We still don't have dolls with intelligence and autonomy, but what we have today is perfectly capable of satisfying our best fantasies.



Venus has oriental features with well-defined curves.


Vera is crazy in bed ... Come and see for yourself!


Virgina is the most wanted of our dolls ... If you can find an available slot with her ... Good luck!


That is correct, playing with dools is for everyone: we also have someting special for our female and gay public!


A sexdoll is a state-of-the-art sex toy made of silicone that gives you an extremely skin-like feel. it is your ideal sex toy!

To further enhance the sense of authenticity, sexdolls are heated to the same temperature as human skin. They are all made to be extremely attractive, reproducing the shapes and characteristics of women at the height of their sensuality.

These dolls are incredibly realistic reproductions of people. Our sexdolls are high quality products to handle with care and respect.

A sexdoll can be used by any adult, alone or accompanied. Exactly, we accept couples who want to make fantasies together.

We consider a couple, two people, regardless of gender. (one woman + one man or 2 women or 2 men).

A sexdoll has an oral, vaginal and anal orifice that must be lubricated before each use. Silicone Love provides lubricant and condoms for all uses.
For countless reasons! Firstly, why not try something different? You'll find it fun and you'll be delighted! You may be a shy and insecure person who prefers a sexdoll, she will never judge you or make any judgments; You may be a person who wants to have sex but would never require the services of a professional; You may be a person with little experience who wants to practice to improve your performance. Plus, the potential is unbelievable: Imagine being able to do what you want, at your own pace, for as long as you want, talk or listen to your music, or watch a movie you want, etc., etc. Sexdoll will never say no, neither get tired nor rush the time. It will just remain by your side as beautiful and attractive as ever.

A sexdoll is sturdy, but its skin is fragile and can became damaged quite easily. If you do not respect our rules of good conduct, you can damage the doll (cut, torn silicone ...). The deposit of 100 € is our guarantee in case of damage.

In 99% of cases, the deposit is returned to the customer at the end of the session.

At Silicone Love we enjoyed the time, especially for the first time ...

Dealing with a sexdoll requires attention and caution.

The joints are rigid to keep the sexdoll in the desired position, it takes a little time between each movement. Sessions shorter than half an hour, in our opinion, are too short to deal with sexdoll according to your expectations and make the most of the experience.

Our dolls are cleaned and disinfected with specific products before and after each use. The sheets are for individual use and are changed after each use.

We guarantee impeccable hygiene of our equipment.

It depends on the conscience of each person, but we clearly think not. There is no other woman involved, just a sex toy, just as you watch adult movies for personal satisfaction. Is a woman cheating when she usesher vibrator or other object?

Silicone Love gives particular importance to the discretion and confidentiality of its customers. Our address is secret and is located in Lisbon. The address will be forward to you after payment of your booking.

Also, if you pay by credit card, only a discreet and undetectable mention will appear on your bank statement.


You can contact us by email at love@siliconelove.eu